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SMBX - Iggy Koopa Battles


Ah! The Last part. Koopalings Featured: Iggy Morton Jr. Ludwig von I consider them the hardest. From Iggy's case: I died like about 2 times because of being stomped and his machine. (I read about Iggy on Mariowiki and he's described a mechanical genius.) From Morton Jr.'s Case: I died like about 3 times because of being smashed by the smashing pillar, touched by a firebar and squashed on What Morton is holding. From Ludwig's Case: I died like about 4 times beacuse of being distracted by the note block 2 times, falled on a small gap while fighting Ludwig, The Moving Noteblocks pushed me into getting hit by ludwig's magic shoots. I'm also gonna make another bosses like Kamek, Lava Piranha, Wart and other else and I'll try to make their battle epic and cool.